Poor Credit Score: 3 Useful Tips on How To Improve Your Credit Ranking


Your credit score and credit history serve as the foundation for your entire financial existence. You will have a lot of trouble getting any kind of credit if your score is extremely low. If your score is poor, you should take the necessary actions to strengthen and improve your financial associations in order to get back on track.

You need to restore your credit score in order to obtain a secured loan or a mortgage since you made some poor financial decisions that caused your credit score to drop significantly. Despite the bad credit, you can keep on improving it and locating a Canadian mortgage lender.

A mortgage broker who specializes in loans with negative credit can be helpful. Read whether you can get a loan with bad credit, suggestions, and 3 useful tips for improving this credit ranking. 

  • Review Your Credit Reports

Obtaining credit reports from different organizations is the first step you need to take to raise your credit score. Have reports from more than one financial organization. The results in these will not be exactly the same. In fact, you might discover that something is mentioned in one but not the other ones. 

Search for any inaccuracies by comparing the reports. It’s possible that a mistake there is lowering your credit score. If so, write to the credit reporting company right once to address the inaccuracy. The simplest approach to do this is to go to the agency’s website and submit an online form to report the problem.

  • Explain and Answer Queries about Yourself

A low credit score may result from having a lot of credit history inquiries. Writing a letter outlining the questions can be useful if you need to fast improve your score with a lending institution. You might not always be aware of the purpose behind every inquiry. 

Before extending invites to potential clients for a line of credit, several credit card issuers, for instance, examine their credit histories. Sadly, this doesn’t seem good for you. Write a note to the lending institution outlining this situation or the reasons why a number of credit history inquiries were made.

  • Pay Off Your Debts

Paying off, or at least reducing, a sizable credit card amount is an excellent strategy to raise your credit score if you have one. Your credit score declines when you acquire more debt relative to your available credit. In actuality, having lesser balances on two credit cards is preferable to having a huge balance on one card. 

Not that you should transfer your balances, mind you. To avoid having your debt so near to the limit of your credit, you should reduce what you owe. There are still good debt solutions for bad credit available in Canada.  


Applications for unsecured personal loans for those with bad credit are at an all-time high, but approvals have decreased. Fortunately, there are still plenty of options for Canadians with bad credit when it comes to mortgages.


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