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Privacy Policy

Privacy is the most important thing in front of us. We have created this privacy policy for you so that you will come to know how we communicate, use, collect and use your personal information. This is the strategy of the privacy policy.

When you visit the website of then this website will access some of your information while you are going through the website.

The standard technology is used by our website, which is same like the other commercial websites are known as cookies, which is explained below for your guide, and the other thing is the server logs, which is used to collect the information to know how the website can be used. By cookies and server logs we come to know about the date, views, time spent on the website, page views and the IP address of the website as well.

Use of Cookies:

A small text document is known as a cookie in which they may be an anonymous unique identifier. Whenever you go through this website, the computer of the site will ask your device and take permission to store your file in the hard drive, which is specified for the purpose of storing cookies. If your browser allows you only then the website can send the cookies to your browser. To be careful about the privacy your browser only allows the cookies which have already sent to you, not the other cookies which are sent by other websites to you.

IP Addresses:

Whenever you are connected to the internet an IP address is used by your
computer. IP address is used to identify your computer and is in the form of a number, which is used by the computer on a network. Our web servers collect the IP address automatically to send to the data as a demographic and profile data, which is known as traffic data that include the web pages you request.

Email Information:

By using your email, if you will contact us then we may access your data through email messages that include your email address and our reply as well. The privacy policy is the same for the communication, which is done electronically like the information which we will receive through the mail, telephone and online. The rule is the same when you create an account or register yourself on any form by using your email address and buy anything through our website. To know the detail information have a look at the email policies given below.

How Do We Use the Information That You Provide to Us?

Mainly we use your personal details to manage the business activities and to provide the services to the customers by making different items available for them.

There is no data, which the is holding of the customers for
identification when you will go through the website in case you select to provide us your information. Keep in mind that your information is secured with us as it will not be sold or transferred to any unauthorized third party without your permission in any context.

Only your information is used when it is allowed to do so according to law.

Email Policies:

We are restricted no to share your email address as it is confidential. None of your information will be sold to any of the third party as it is against the law. Your information will be saved with us and we will not share it with any individual of the third party, any company or government agency as it is against the law.

Only we will use your email address to keep you updated with the information related to the

According to the federal law, we will store and handle your information which you will send us through email.

CAN-SPAM Compliance:

According to the CAN-SPAM compliance Act the emails, which are sent from our the organization, will make it clear in the email that from where the email is sent and what is the purpose of the sent mail to the sender. Moreover, all the emails which you will receive from our site also mention that how can you stop us to send you more emails so that you will receive no further email communication from us.


There is a choice for the users on our site for receiving communications from us and from any of our partner which is located on the end of every email in which instructions of unsubscribing are given.

If you don’t want to receive any email related to a newsletter or any promotional the material then you may click on the unsubscribe button which you will see in the email you receive.

Use of External Links:

There may be some link, which you will find on our website. Accessing such links on our website is totally your responsibility. The content which you will see in these sites may not be accurate we will not give any guarantee. Any of the links which are from the third party site is controlled and handled by themselves is not responsible for it. None of the information and sponsors on these sites is our responsibility.

If you are visiting this website for any purpose then this means that you are
accepting the terms of the website, applicable laws, and rules and you accept that if any law will be broken then you are responsible for it. If you don’t accept the terms and conditions of the website then your access to this website will be prohibited. The applicable trademark law and copyrights protect all the material, which you will see on this website.

Intellectual Property Rights:

All the trademarks, intellectual property, copyrights, and patents, which you will see in our website along with the content and the software, will only be used by the or by the licensors of this app. You cannot use any of the content, intellectual property and trademark without the permission of our website.

You must not:

Without our permission, you can’t republish any of our website content.
None of our website content can be sell or placed for rent.

The content must not be duplicate, copy, reproduce, create derivative for any purpose

Any of the content from our website cannot be redistributed

Acceptable Use

To keep all the laws in your mind you can access our website so that in this way you will not breach any law and your use to the website will not be restricted and use the website with joy. The reason for which you access the website will be banned include if your behavior causes any harassing or causing distress or harm any other user due to which other users feel uncomfortable.

Our site is not providing a platform for sending any commercial communication.

None of our site content can be used for marketing purpose without taking
permission from the website or without any written consent.

Restricted Access:

There might be a chance that we may restrict your access to use our website and have full rights to do so. If any case to access the restricted area of our website we may provide you with a new username or password but you have to assure us that you keep both of these two things confidential.

Use of Testimonials:

According to the guideline provided by FTC regarding the use of endorsements and testimonials in the field of advertising, please keep the following points in mind:

All the testimonials that you are viewing on the website you will get through the text, video or audio. Some of the individual experience that includes their real-life experience that has to utilize the service in the same way. The results of the individual may differ. We are not assuring you that these results are a hundred percent. The testimonials, which you may see, is not from all the individuals that are using our products and services.

All the testimonials that you are going through our site that include the text, video, audio or other are all verbatim but excluding the typing error and grammatical errors. Some are short. You can say in other words that not all the messages you will receive by the testimonial are displaying the complete statement.

If you are going through any comment on our site or any reviews than keep in mind that our website is not responsible for any such content. This website is not providing a platform for testimonials as the customers only share their personal experience here.

Any abusive content will first be reviewed by the management of our website so be careful while sharing any such content because such content is strictly prohibited on our site.

All the testimonials, which appear to you never, claim that the products and services on our website are used to treat, mitigate, diagnose, cure or prevent from any disease. If there is any such claim that you will see is already being tested and evaluated.

How Do We Protect Your Information and Secure Information Transmissions?

We think that email is not a secure platform for doing any communication that’s why we suggest you that don’t send any private information to us through email. You can do it but it is totally your responsibility By using the secure platform on our website that is known as Secure Sockets Layer can be used to share your personal information. The sensitive information that includes your credit card information can’t be sent via email.

To know the number of visitors that are visiting our website and the information which is attracting fewer users or to know the technical design specifications and analyze the performance of the system and the problematic area we may use software for creating summary statistics.

To assure the users that their personal information is secured and the service provided to the customers is available all the time we use a software program so that we will check the traffic to know the unauthorized attempt, upload or any change in information that may cause any damage.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

We will not assure you that the content on our website is accurate or complete as the site contain some external links as well for your guide.

All the content which is visible to you on the website is copyright protected and can be used for any particular purpose once you agree with the terms and conditions of the website. There is no chance for any agent of this website to cause any damage or loss to the website by breaching the security or becoming a source of leaking the information of the customers. Any such which cause damage or loss to the website is illegal.

Policy Changes:

We have the rights to change the privacy policy anytime without intimating you. We are assuring you that if in future we will make any changes in the privacy the policy then your personal information will not be shared on any other platform and will remain with us and we will not share it with anyone without notifying you and without your consent.

As per our commitment, we are assuring you according to the principles that your personal information will remain confidential and we will maintain its privacy for sure.


If you face any problem related to any of the policy or using our website then you can contact us anytime. Contact us.