How Small Nonprofits Can Compete Against the Big Names


There is no denying the fact that small businesses of any kind have an uphill battle when competing with the big names in any industry! Unfortunately, it is even more difficult for nonprofits that seek to do good with any profits they realize. This is often where the problems begin. Sometimes it’s all about the public’s perception of what you do as a nonprofit and why it matters so much to them.

Begin With an Education Strategy

One of the things which so many consumers don’t understand is how a nonprofit organization can pay its employees competitive wages. They are a nonprofit after all and so shouldn’t that money be going to the charities they support? Perhaps this is the time to wage an all-out education campaign, explaining where the money goes and how it gets there.

But even more importantly when trying to address those people who mistakenly believe you are pocketing their “hard-earned money,” it pays to gently explain that they, too, work jobs with competitive wages and that a nonprofit is no different. People who work those 40 hours need to get paid or they’d be unable to work any longer.

The Broad Scope of Fundraising Tools

Here is where an amazing Tatango SMS messaging and fundraising tool for nonprofits can give you the vehicle you need for both fundraising and consumer education. Use it to introduce key players in your organization while talking about where the money is going and how it is benefiting the people or causes you support. This is the very tool you need to do what is most important when trying to compete against those big names in a market they seem to control.

Build Relationships

When surveyed, most consumers today say the one thing they look for in brands they deal with is a relationship. They want to know more about the brands they shop with and the people behind those brands. That is something that has been slow in coming when it comes to big business, but you as a small nonprofit, have the advantage of staying in touch with your audience.

Let’s look at this another way. Why do you think there is so much emphasis on engagement in the world of marketing? That’s right! Consumers want to communicate with brands and organizations they deal with and that means you! Big business barely has time to answer phone calls let alone engage thousands, if not millions of people in a conversation. Use that SMS messaging app to get word out but you can also use it to communicate with the people who may very well support your nonprofit business.

Believe It Or Not…

Believe it or not, being small actually gives you the advantage. Being a small nonprofit means you have the benefit of being able to communicate with your audience. You may be extremely busy with your day-to-day business operations, but you can also appoint key people to ‘man the controls’ as it were. Delegate people within your small nonprofit to be the voice of the day in those SMS text messages. On their day they will also respond as necessary. Keep the lines of communication open and watch just how easy it is to compete in a market where the big guys missed your impact because they were too busy looking up.


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