7 Useful Tips To Use Videos In Ecommerce Marketing To Drive Sales

7 Useful Tips To Use Videos In Ecommerce Marketing To Drive Sales

It may be difficult for the ordinary eCommerce business to keep up with the transformation of brick-and-mortar retail to match an increasingly online environment. One thing is sure: eCommerce is here to stay. Ecomm revenue is expected to continue to rise until 2025, according to experts.

Consumers are savvier than ever before, hyper-aware of every aspect of your brand’s experience, and afflicted with severe choice fatigue. While they’re scrolling through Instagram or opening an email, you might only have a split second to grab their attention.

As a business owner, marketing may be the last thing on your mind. You’re running a complete eCommerce website, fulfilling orders, managing shipments, and making strategic judgments. Thus running an eCommerce online business is a tough task.

What’s the good news? Conversions have been demonstrated to increase by over 80% when a video is added to a website. Video is a tried-and-true marketing approach with a long shelf life, which is why we share with you 7 useful tips on how you can use videos to drive your Ecommerce sales.

Tip 1: Show product close-ups

Using video for product demos or to present things more clearly is one of the simplest methods to increase sales. Videos with numerous viewpoints and close-ups of items can help customers comprehend what they’re buying, leading to higher sales conversions.

According to a Wyzowl poll, 80 per cent of individuals said that seeing product videos provided them more confidence when buying anything online. But ensure that the close-ups are of superior quality. Edits should be made to enhance the product’s beauty by balancing colour, texture, etc. Such close-ups can also be reused in good ad designs or ad templates to be advertised through performance marketing.

Tip 2: Demonstrate the Product

Simply showing your customer the product and its benefits is not sufficient to get your demanding customer to add the product to their shopping carts. Showing your customers how to use the product, especially with complicated features and settings, is crucial to driving sales. Product demos bring faith and trust in your product, as customers feel comfortable buying what they see.

By directly showing them the direct benefits of using the product, you can create demand in the minds of a customer who might be simply browsing through the website casually.

Tip 3: Tell a good story

People are easily moved by good storytelling and cinema, and they frequently share emotional material. It’s also a terrific method to establish a strong brand image.

According to a Google survey, women aged 18 to 34 were twice as likely to think favourably of a business that displayed powerful advertisements. After seeing such commercials, they are also 80 per cent more inclined to like, comment, and share them.

Pantene created the Chrysalis ad campaign, which featured a deaf child who aspired to play the violin. She almost gives up on her ambition after being teased and mocked by one of her friends. But then she meets a talented deaf street musician who urges her to keep performing. The girl encounters challenges along the journey, but she perseveres. She prevails despite the odds, shocking everyone, even the one who nearly encouraged her to quit.

Tip 4: Create Interactive Video Ads

Making films interactive may be a terrific way to stand out as video marketing gets more competitive. According to a Magma media group research, interactive video advertisements resulted in a 47 per cent boost in engagement compared to non-interactive commercials and a 9x increase in buy intent.

Because interactive video commercials are still relatively new, you may not have seen many. However, as more firms become aware of their value, they are expected to gain popularity.

Creating video ads though can be a tough task, a video ad maker tool can work wonders. These tools help you create professional  level ads and help you save a lot of money and time. Video ads have a very practical implication on your business and your target audience as well.

Video ads created with the right content and approach will ultimately lead to higher traffic on your website thus giving a chance for the audience to make more purchases and drive higher sales.

Tip 5: Include a message from the CEO

Having a video created by the CEO or a high-ranking executive may be a terrific approach to personalise a business and build a stronger connection with the audience. As the public gets to know the people behind the organisation, videos highlighting executives may help to create trust and rapport.

It serves two reasons to include your CEO in marketing activities.

It provides a personal connection with a genuine, live, breathing individual, allowing your customers to engage with your brand deeper.

It aids in developing the CEO’s brand, which in turn affects yours.

For example, a film depicting your CEO connecting with consumers personally in an About Us video is a terrific approach to make them feel wanted, unique and engaged.

It’s worth noting that not all advertisements featuring a CEO did well. The following are some of the most important factors to consider while creating CEO advertisements:

People must believe that the CEO is sincere and honest.

The CEO should be committed to the long-term success of this plan. A sustained ad campaign will outperform a one-time commercial in most cases.

The CEO should be personable and a skilled speaker. Not all CEOs will have the proper charisma to appeal to a video audience.

Tip 6: Show people benefitting from direct use of your product

Another effective technique to utilise video to promote items is to show individuals using or benefiting from the product. It is human behaviour to learn from others’ successes and failures. When a customer sees someone like themself benefitting from the use of your product, it creates a psychological urge to try out the product and experience the joy.

For example, For campers and trekkers, the Solo Stove Campfire is a portable outdoor stove. Their promotional film demonstrates how simple it is to utilise the device. It also depicts individuals enjoying delectable cuisine. This scenario builds psychological demand to experience the whole scenario for themselves. It is intelligent, strategic, and impactful.

Tip 7: Entertain your Audience

People enjoy being amused, so making e-commerce films entertaining may help them be shared and even go viral.

Blendtec’s “Will It Blend” video series is one of the most well-known instances of leveraging entertainment to develop a brand. Blendtec has a fantastic product but a low brand recognition in 2005. Blendtec’s CEO and research team tested its blender by mixing wood planks to see how long it would last. Blendtec’s marketing director, George Wright, came up with the concept of videotaping the process and releasing the films online.

Blendtec uploaded YouTube videos showing its blender mixing objects, including a garden rake, marbles, and a rotisserie chicken, for as little as $100. In just 5 days, the videos received over 6 million views. Blendtec’s campaign was a unique method to demonstrate the strength of their product while also amusing those who viewed it.

Blendtec kept making similar films, and their sales climbed by 700 per cent in 2006, bringing their total income to roughly $40 million for the year.

Creating an amusing video takes some ingenuity, but it can be a terrific way to increase brand recognition and, as a result, increase sales.

Bottom line

Hope you have taken away some neat tricks to using videos in eCommerce marketing to drive sales. Ecommerce today is more cluttered with competitors than ever. You, as a seller, must keep yourself updated with the latest trends in eCommerce marketing to meet your revenue targets.



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