Virginie Mounanga Train Future Eco-Citizens Through Digital Technology 


To interest, raise awareness and educate the youngest in the responsible and optimal use of digital technology. This is the objective set by Mrs. Virginie Mounanga through her program “Digital cultural classes”.

The program “  Digital cultural classes  ” was unveiled to the public on November 8, 2019 in Libreville with the ambition of “ Training future eco-citizens through digital technology ”. In the same vein, the promoters are announcing the launch of a national digital talent competition, open to public, private and approved primary and secondary establishments in the province of Estuaire.

The initiator of this ambitious educational project is a Gabonese, business leader and founder of the digital marketing agency, Blanc Cristal, Google certified in Digital Marketing and LinkedIn Ambassador in Gabon. Mme Virginie Mounanga is a tech woman, so the heart of a mother that she is, beats for popular education and education in a more responsible use of technologies.

The objective of the classic digital classes is to initiate the digital environment through educational workshops, children aged from 8 years. The social character of this project lies in the accessibility of training to children living with a disability.

Groups of children with DYS, autistic or motor disability type disorders, for their part, benefit from the supervision of educators from the Mot à Mot Reeducation Center. They will learn thanks to leisure software, learning with communication aid devices or technical aids such as enlarged or simplified keyboards, contactors, trackball, joystick and others.

The National Digital Talent Competition focused on “Digital resources serving the education of future eco-citizens” aims to develop a digital transdisciplinary project in 15 establishments in the province of Estuaire.

Participants will benefit from training in Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excell, PowerPoint); initiation to Computer Graphics and creativity (Canva, Photoshop, Publisher); Introduction to Digital Art: Creation of games, 3D animation and Creation of interactive stories (Design effects, Indesign, Scratch, 3D); Introduction to Coding (CMS, PHP, HTML). After 4 months, they will present their work to a jury of professionals. This will make it possible to designate the winners of the 3 excellence prizes and the winner of the innovation prize, at stake.

From Ms. Virginie Mounanga’s professional career, we remember her time in large national and multinational organizations such as the World Bank (PPIC), Bechtel Corporation, BHP Billiton, South African Embassy, ​​in the development of her agency and in training. from children to digital. For her, it will be a question of training 1,000 children per year in Libreville and in other cities of the country, in order to reach 100,000 children in 2025.



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