Handy tips to pick the best Dyson vacuum for you!


Evaluating any purchase in the digital era is pretty easy, and cordless vacuums are no different. The trick is knowing where to start, and finding the right Dyson cordless vacuum for you will be a walk in the park!

This article gives a few handy tips to enable you to pick the best one for your needs and to keep your home clean without breaking your back!

Your vacuum, you and your home

Cordless vacuum cleaners are readily available, and you can find all shapes and sizes in a Dyson vacuum sale. Finding a cordless vacuum is not the tricky part – finding the best one that fits your needs and budget is.

First, define how much you want to spend. Having a budget in mind will allow you to focus your search in on the models that are affordable for you. You will find you do not need to break the bank, and that you can comfortably find what you need without spending more than necessary.

Next, think about your home. What kind of floors and sofas do you have? Are they hardwood, tile, laminate or carpet? What thickness are your carpets? What is the layout of your home? Does it have a lot of hidden corners, or is it mostly open plan with easily accessible areas?

These are all important questions when thinking about which vacuum you should buy. Having a few of the answers in the forefront of your mind as you commence your search in a Dyson sale can be the difference maker.

A Dyson for all budgets

Although there are many top brands of vacuum available, Dyson are known to invest heavily in R&D. This often gives them the edge in technology, and in cool time-saving new features for their customers.

Although you can always find a Dyson sale Australia, there is a Dyson available for most budgets. The manufacturer offer a range of hand-held cordless options with heavy suction capabilities and easy portability. Even the entry level Dysons offer some of the leading pickup rates available no matter what floor type you have in your home.

In fact, Dysons are proven to be effective whether you have a tile floor and live alone, or whether you have several dogs and children. Although in the latter scenario you will be faced with more dirt and hair on a daily basis, you will find the suction rates of Dyson vacuums will never disappoint.

Get the right accessories

Choosing the accessories is almost as important as choosing the hoover itself. Every Dyson device comes complete with an accessories set that enables you to get into every dark corner of your home. You can also add additional accessories tailored for your device after you have purchased it.

Dealing with dust is one of the main hallmarks of a good vacuum. Cordless vacuums can often be limited by the amount of dust they can hold – or in many cases, not hold. This limiting factor can put off many people from choosing a cordless machine.

However, the Dyson range are well known for their dust capacities. Being able to store a higher amount of dust and fluff means you have to spend less time emptying the vacuum as you go about your chores. Emptying dust can also be a messy process, whereas Dyson has solved this with its innovative rotating dust chamber.

The technical details – and how they help you!

Dysons function on producing suction force from high-speed circulation. This helps to reduce harmful substances or irritants that lurk in your home without you even realizing.

Better yet, Dysons are equipped with enclosed designs that trap dust particles, pollen, hair, mites and other undesirables within the device. Because of the way they work, traditional vacuums often have the knack of simply blowing these particles around without actually removing them from your home. In some cases, disturbing them actually makes the situation worse!

Dying for a Dyson?

If you have made up your mind and you are going to go for your first Dyson vacuum, you have made a wise decision. The next step is to get your teeth into some user reviews to look at the best option within your budget.

Consult some local or online sales to find the best possible price. Although Dysons are known to be in the higher end of vacuum budgets, a little shopping around never did anyone any harm! All you need to do is invest a little time, and you will be reaping the rewards of Dyson in no time at all!


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