WeWalk: The Stick for the Blind Connected to Google Maps


WeWalk was invented by the blind engineer Kursat Ceylon, CEO and co-founder of “Young Guru Academy (YGA)”, a Turkish non-profit organization.

Currently, according to the latest WHO estimates, as many as 2,53 million people are visually impaired worldwide . Among them, 36 million are totally blind.

According to the WHO, a doubling of the number of visually impaired people would be expected by 2050. Blindness and low vision will become, with Alzheimer’s disease, the scourges of old age.

To overcome this deficiency, a young Turkish man named Kursat Ceylan, engineer and computer scientist with visual impairment, has created a technological gem: WeWalk.

What is WeWalk?

WeWalk is a cane equipped with integrated speakers, a voice assistant, Google, and sensors that send vibrations to warn of obstacles. WeWalk is available on the Young Guru Academy (YGA) company website and sells for 452 euros. The set was financed on the interactive platform Indiegogo , and it is already possible to pre-order a copy of this connected rod.

The battery that the rod will use is easily rechargeable by any USB input. In the event of danger, this connected tool can, in a few seconds, send warning signals to relatives.


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