Two engine’double-income’ financial know-how


The number of double-income households recently reached 5.331,000, accounting for 45.5%. The number of women accumulating careers in specialized fields has increased, but the biggest reason is that it is not easy to earn single income such as prices, house prices, child education expenses, and retirement funds. A dual-income couple is like a cruise ship with two engines, but if the two earned, they could not control their spending and do not spend wisely, they could become worse than single-income. In addition, communication and consideration are important to each other as the parenting and work stress that couples face in social life may increase.

Self-employed: Managing Your Finances Well

Here are some good tips for a dual-income couple to know in order to quickly and easily reach their target point with dual-income.

1. Couples who like or hate old age are together. Let a couple work together to plan life for old age.
2. Save 50% of your income until you have children and invest the income of one of the couples.
3. Be prepared for a sudden income stop for one of your couples in case of any situation.
4. It is difficult to reduce consumption habits once raised. Control poor spending management.
5. Rationalize the cost of inefficient risk management by focusing on risk management at the main economic source among the couple.
6. Going all-in to a child interferes with a couple’s life plans. Rationalize your child’s education costs.

The future is preparing and making. It accelerates with an increasing life expectancy and can lead to suffering if not prepared in an aging society. This is why a dual-income couple has two engines, so it must be well maintained and maintained.


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