Increase Your Sales Without Advertising!


You have a website and you want to sell more but without necessarily having to put your hand in your pocket by spending a fortune on advertising? This article is for you.

1. The principle of reciprocity

For a website, we will talk about offering a reward. This principle applies to both your existing customers and your prospects. The idea is to give your visitor a gift in exchange for something. First, humans love to be offered something, it gratifies them, and secondly this principle is not trivial since a person to whom you offer something, will feel indebted.
Providing a reward is a great way to convert a visitor to a lead and then a customer. It is also a very good way to seduce a customer and encourage them to make a new purchase. Consider offering a bonus that is perfectly suited to your audience.

2. Optimize your SEO for “free” traffic 

Being able to be “discovered” more easily than competitors is an important competitive advantage in e-commerce. Carefully select keywords that match your industry and business. Whether you are a pool specialist, a computer software site or a garage mechanic, imagine all the keywords that can designate your profession and your activity, extend the vocabulary to the semantic field of your environment.
Also, the content and the editorial strategy that you offer on your site is the key to the success of your digital strategy. Quality content on your blog is a guarantee of expertise, and your future customers love it.

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3. Use influencers on social networks

When the icon of a community, which is similar to that of the customers you target, starts to recommend your product, you will garner more sales, that’s for sure. And it works even with smaller influencers.
You can sometimes build partnerships that will not cost you hard money:
– You can have your product tested for free
– Write original and interesting content
– Invite the influencer to an exclusive event


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