The Strength of Business Relationships: The Key To Business Contracts


In order to create a long-term relationship and thus retain your customers, you have to bet on a relationship marketing strategy. Being at ease in society, having very good interpersonal skills, having easy contact are essential qualities for a salesperson. Unfortunately, companies count more on employee resumes than on the soft kills appropriate to their role in the company.

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Good relationships can be a huge springboard for your business’ brand awareness, reputation and sustainability. Indeed, your first customers are none other than the people of your direct entourage and if you have a bad testimonial from them, it will be very difficult for you for them to support you in your project.

Here are three big reasons why you need to be a more relational than a professional person.

1- Establishing a relationship of trust between the seller and his customers is essential

As mentioned above, the first customers of your business will be those people close to you and if your normal relationships are distorted, it will be difficult to convince them to follow you on your adventure. Learn as a human being to value any relationships you start to make and if any of them have to end, make sure you finish them well because you don’t know how that person will be able to help you anymore. late. If you feel free with people close to you, then it will be easier for you to sell your product or service and to have people promoting you for free.

2- Knowing how to listen to the customer’s needs 

Certainly, a customer’s primary mission when they see a product is to buy it, but it is important for a salesperson to let the customer express themselves. Starting to speak in very technical and business terms is proof that you are not listening to the customer’s needs and a customer who doesn’t feel heard will have a hard time buying your product. When you are in front of a client, do not cut him off when he wants to express himself and listen to what he is saying not to answer but to understand it.

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3- Your relational strength will open the doors to customer loyalty

The more people like to be around you, the more they will buy the products from you. Over time, people will no longer just buy your product, they will buy your image, your values. So keep your air friendly, smiling and inflate your client portfolio.


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