How to Create Business Christmas Cards


Need to send business Christmas cards to customers and clients? Yes.

Christmas cards are not only traditional but if you send a business Christmas card, you will know that your customers or clients are important to you. And it’s important in terms of developing relationships.

However, the goal is to develop the relationship, so you don’t want to endanger the relationship by offending the card recipient. The following will help you avoid the embarrassing giraffe with trouble picking and sending business cards.

What kind of business card should you send?

1. Only send high quality cards.

The quality indication and card quality are reflected in the sender. Send cheap Christmas cards and you will look cheap. Buy the best Christmas cards you can afford.

Business Christmas Card Ideas for Your Office

2. You should only send handmade Christmas cards if you are an artist.

To all of us, sending a handmade business card just seems inappropriate or too cheap to buy a quality card.

3. Send a stylish business card.

You might think a Christmas card with a naked Santa would be delightful, but now is not the time to find out if your customers have a sense of humor. Stick with traditional themes and messages to create the best theme.

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4. Be aware of your customers’ religious beliefs.

Not everyone is celebrating Christmas. If you know you or your customers have other religious beliefs, choose and send a holiday card that suits your convictions, or choose and send a holiday card with a more general holiday theme and message, such as “normal holidays” or “seasonal”. Please. greetings”.

How to sign a Christmas card

In addition to signing your name inside your business Christmas card , write a simple personal message . Do not write “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” on the signature. Expand and personalize your message. For example, you could write “Hope 2017 is the best year for you and your family, Joe!” (handwritten notes are the strongest follow-up after meetings with prospects/clients).

Using a company stamp It is convenient to put your business information inside a business Christmas card. Put your company information under the signature.

If you don’t have a company stamp, include a business card along with your Christmas card. It’s a good idea to print the business name under the signature, as the business card will quickly separate from the Christmas card when the recipient opens it.

How To Solve Business Christmas Cards

Hand write the recipient’s address on the card envelope. Using computer-generated labels is annoying and makes your business Christmas cards look like bulk mailers. (If you have a lot of cards to send, remember that you can have someone else send them.)

When dealing with cards, you should always use the title. Your Business Christmas Card “Mr. Mrs. Ken Taylor, not “Ken Taylor” or “Ken and Sarah Taylor”. Stick with the title rather than the professional initials. For example, if Ken Taylor is a doctor, the correct address is “Dr. Ken Taylor, not MD.

If the business name is sent to a couple with a different last name, the address format is “Mr. Alan Williams and Miss Alice Smith” If the couple are not married, write their names on separate lines in alphabetical order, as follows:

  • Alice smith
  • Allen williams

(Traditionally, a man’s name starts in alphabetical order if his wife doesn’t overtake him, or if the couple isn’t married.)

Send Business Christmas Cards

Correctly, a business Christmas card should be sent to the customer’s business address. If you are sending the card to an individual’s home address unless you socially know the person, you must include the name of your spouse in the address.

The secret to sending Christmas cards is to have them on time . Arriving during the holidays. December 15th is a convenient deadline for mailing cards. If you send your card abroad, you have to mail it much faster.


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