3 Tips for Developing Your Customer Portfolio


The customer portfolio is a set of customers held by a company or one of its sales representatives. It constitutes the wealth of the company. 

To grow a business needs to double or even triple its turnover. To do this, it has two main means: increase the level of purchase of its customer or attract many more customers. The second method is much easier to perform than the first. Here are three tips for you to attract more customers.

The Strength of Business Relationships: The Key To Business Contracts

1- The law of recommendation

A satisfied customer is a customer who will always convey a good image of your services and your company around him: invest in it!
Optimize your after-sales service ( after-sales service); Be close to your customers (loyalty card, sponsorship card); Tell them about your promotional offers (Text Message or Mailing); etc.
Word of mouth has always been the best way to increase the number of customers.

2 – Create a showcase site

The reluctance of the customer often stems from the fact that he often does not know what to expect. He is therefore hesitant to join you or to travel to consume your product / service, so you have to find a way to see you without leaving his home. Creating a showcase site allows you to talk to your prospect without saying a word. The key to success ? Optimized SEO! To be successful with your SEO strategy , choose a small number of key phrases that you want to position yourself on.
Play with pop colors, a modern logo and smooth navigation: you’ll find new customers.

3- The strength of social networks

It is inevitable and you know it very well to talk about commerce in this century without mentioning the case of social networks: maximize your communication strategy on social platforms:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp . But keep in mind that social networks are a world of their own, which has its own culture. You should therefore familiarize yourself with this set of unspoken codes and rules. This impregnation work is the key to any successful customer acquisition strategy!


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