3 Tips for Doing E-Commerce Effectively!


According to Wikipedia, e-commerce, or electronic commerce, is: “the monetary exchange of goods, services and information through computer networks, especially the Internet. In other words, this is a business that handles payments through electronic means.

E-commerce today is gaining momentum with its delivery method that avoids travel to increasingly busy populations. Nowadays, e-commerce is a booming field in Africa and will soon be one of the resource drivers of the state economy. Already widespread in southern Africa, it is booming in Central Africa.

To allow African populations to connect with a world undergoing technological and psychological change, we have thought of giving three simple tips for making money in e-commerce in Africa.

1- Proceed to an affiliate program

You can have the right product, but still be held back by a tight distribution network. The effective method and which would make you gain visibility would be to join forces with those of business partners. Thus, each will play a role in the expansion of the brand.

The advertiser creates an farfetch affiliate program ” which is nothing more or less than a marketing campaign. Thus, partner websites, affiliates, can join the program and earn a commission or bonus each time they successfully recommend the product in question.

Affiliation is very convenient for companies that launch products including:

  • expand their distribution quickly
  • to delegate customer acquisition and transformation
  • to convert advertising costs into variable costs (you only pay when the result is obtained).

2- Optimize your SEO

To make his site attractive, it would have to be well referenced, that is to say that it appears at the top of the list when an Internet user searches for a product on a search engine. Simple questions allow you to gauge your SEO:

  • Is the size of the web pages compatible with that of a smartphone screen for example?
  • Do my visitors have access to all the information on one page? Can I calibrate the information on the website so that it is directly accessible on a mobile screen?
  • Are the tabs and buttons that prompt the customer to pay for or order a product wide enough to make it easy to click with one finger?
  • How fast does my page open when it is selected by a user?

So, favor clear keywords composed of a maximum of four coherent words; optimize the fluidity of your site; put the most important information first and check out Google’s whitepaper frequently.

3- call on influencers

Influencers are those people who have a certain community on social media that has a strong impact in the hearts of their followers. Calling on an influencer to advertise your products will give a significant boost to your sales and especially to your visibility.


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