Anyone Can Take Amazing Sky Footage With This Blade 720 Drone


It’s a tool that you can shoot on your own when you regularly create content for social media, or when you want to leave a personally shot video or photo to bring back memories. Now you can’t be satisfied with a high-quality smartphone!

The videos and photos created using drones are incredibly cool and are making more and more people want to buy drones. However, the problem here is that it is expensive and the drone is difficult to use. But the Blade 720 is a drone that meets everyone’s expectations at an easy-to-use, high-quality, and affordable drone on the market! Can’t you believe it? Let’s check it out…

Easy to use, fun to fly-shoot like a pro with Blade 720

The Blade 720  drone is a new type of drone that anyone can fly. If you want to take great selfies, this one is for you!

The Blade 720 was designed by two German engineers who love drones. Their drones were too bulky and heavy to carry around.

So they designed ultra-compact and lightweight drones, combining the main advantages of the best HD models.

It is rigid, easy to control, and can be broadcast live to your smartphone for recording.

People are using this drone to take the ‘best selfie’. The result is incredibly stunning…

How does Blade 720 Drone work?

It’s really easy to install! First, install the app (scan the QR code in the manual to install the app). Very easy.

Then connect the battery to the drone and run the app. You’re ready to launch your drone in 10 seconds!

The best thing is that the flight controls are very easy. The controls are great and intuitive. You can fly the drone naturally. One day, an employee of a colleague accidentally visited the office, and despite the first flight of a drone, he learned all of the operations in seconds and was able to fly it. I was amazed to see how smooth the controls work!

Once the drone is in the air, the built-in camera is activated. At this time, you can take the best pictures and videos. You’ll be able to shoot videos from an impossible angle and impress your friends with the coolest selfies!

What features can you find on this drone?

The Blade 720  drone helps professionals learn the basics. The best features for drones:

  • Foldable-The propellers can be folded inward, making the drone easier to carry and better protected during transport.
  • It can be controlled via iOS and Android- install the app and connect to the drone via WiFi.
  • Increased flight time- Blade 720 has improved battery life and has a maximum flight range of 2km, moving at speeds of up to 12m per second, making it the fastest drone.
  • Altitude Hold Mode-Holds the drone’s height and position, stops at one point to take great photos and videos.
  • Collision Avoidance System- Built-in sensors prevent collisions with ground and other obstacles.
  • 3D VR Mode- Easier control of your drone using a joystick and VR kit.
  • Minimalistic Design & Practical Design- Smart lightweight construction makes the drone more portable.
  • High Definition Video-The drone’s images are incredibly sharp.
  • Panorama Mode- Capture 360-degree photos from the air with the click of a button.
What makes a Blade 720 Drone so special?

The main advantages of the Blade 720 are portability, price, camera and convenience.

The drone is the same size as a large smartphone. Combine this with a collapsible rotor, and you’ll probably be able to create the world’s smallest portable drone. It fits perfectly into any pocket or bag!

Of course, anyone can easily operate this drone! The operation is perfectly designed. The Blade 720 has incredible hovering capabilities. Don’t focus on the height, set the direction and enjoy flying!

A drone with this name needs a high-quality camera. This drone is perfect for taking great photos and videos.

And although this drone is made of ABS plastic, we didn’t mention it. This material made the drone much lighter and stronger.

Last but not least, the amazing price. A single drone of this quality costs less than $100. Probably the best drone for the price!

Conclusion: an exaggeration?

It may sound like that, as it is said to be a good quality drone for this price. Watch amazing photos and videos that can be taken with the Blade 720 . The fun of flying drones alone is worth it. If you’ve never piloted a drone, now is your chance!


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