Key Reasons Why Customer Feedback is Important to Your Business


Running a business means catering to your customers in the best way possible. However, if you don’t take the time to get detailed customer feedback, you will have no idea what they are looking for. As a result, you are likely to end up continually second-guessing them. Unfortunately, far too many businesses treat getting customer feedback as an optional extra rather than an activity that should be at the heart of their company. The internet has provided a tool that makes it easier than ever to collect customer feedback, so there really are no excuses not to get it. If you are still not convinced of the importance of customer feedback, here are some of the key reasons why it can prove to be so essential.

Improve Products and Services

The first and most obvious reason why customer feedback is so important is that it helps you to improve your products and services. When you centralize your customer feedback, you should make sure that you focus on getting honest responses about your products and services. This way, you know what is proving to be the most popular and what is still in need of improvement. Also, there may be product lines that you want to remove from the shelves entirely as they are simply not up to the job. Customers will provide you with feedback that you and your staff members may not see as you are too close to the product or service. While some of the more honest feedback may be challenging to hear, it is still worth taking into account to ensure that you provide the best possible output and offers.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

If all your customer feedback forms are coming back with only negative points, it is all too clear that something is going wrong. Conversely, if you are getting nothing but positive answers, you can take the opportunity to have a little celebration that things are going well. Rating-based questions are easy to answer and give you a good reflection on each individual aspect of your company offering. You can also put together the metrics of the responses. For example, if you are constantly averaging 9s in one area by 5s in another, it is clear where your attention needs to be focused.

A Clear Valuation of Customer Opinions

People like to feel as if their opinions are worthwhile and valid. By canvassing for customer feedback, you clearly demonstrate that you take into account what your clients are saying and value their opinions. This is even more evident if you start to implement the suggestions of your customers. In turn, this can help to generate the type of word-of-mouth positive reputation that is so important to all types of companies – both large and small. By asking for opinions, you are showing customers that your primary goal is to service them and improve your company offering – as opposed to just trying to part them with their hard-earned money. The increased prevalence of marketing has meant that there is more skepticism towards businesses than ever before. By seeking out customer opinions, you help to go some of the way towards establishing a positive reputation for your company.

Improve Customer Experience

As well as improving your products and services directly, the action of getting customer feedback can also help to enhance your overall customer experience. People often return to companies time and time again as they have had a good experience in the past, and they are hoping to replicate this once again. So, when you are settling on the questions on your customer feedback form, you should make sure to include ones that focus directly on customer experience. For example, how easy did they find the website to use, did the product arrive on time, was there any information that they were not able to find. By asking these questions, you will spot some of the areas that you have overlooked and will make it more likely that customers will have a positive experience when they come to your business once again.

Boost Customer Retention

All businesses should be focusing on the ways in which they can get new customers through the door. While bringing onboard new customers is all well and good, retaining customers is even more important in many ways. People who come back to use your business time and time again are likely to spend more money as they already know what your company is all about, as well as what it has to offer. Customer feedback also helps to boost retention as you can deal with problems as they are brought up. Every time a dissatisfied client expresses a negative opinion, you can set to work dealing with it, which will increase the likelihood that they will come back once again. However, if you never found out about the problem in the first place, you have no opportunity to address and deal with it.

Source of Information for Others

Much customer feedback comes in the form of publicly listed reviews. Many people use these as a direct source of information, as well as an opportunity to gauge the quality of a particular company. You may also want to put a review system on your own website. This way, people have the opportunity to seek out the products and services that come with a five-star rating, and they can also get involved in the whole review system themselves.

Helps to Make Core Business Decisions

The art of running a company is all about making the decisions that steer it in the right direction. A lot of different things inform these decisions, but one of them has to be customer feedback. When you are making key decisions, you want them to be based on real opinions and information rather than guesswork and conjecture. While you don’t need to take into account every single piece of customer feedback, it can all add up.


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