Tips for Saving Money


It’s safe to say, money is a valuable commodity. People need it to live, to purchase food, to pay rent, and to buy clothes, and they spend their entire lives working towards a career that will provide them with this pay. Some people will be millionaires, while other people will live on paycheck to paycheck. Although it would be great if everyone in the world could be a millionaire, that is unfortunately not the case.

No matter your wealth, everyone wants to be able to save money. It could be saving in case of a rainy day, saving for your kids’ college funds, or saving for an item that you can treat yourself with. The point is, not everyone is naturally good at saving. Some struggle with this considerably. After all, it is very easy to just spend your money in whatever way you please. Being disciplined and strict with your money is considerably harder. However, it is worth noting that it is hard for everyone, meaning that you shouldn’t feel disappointed if you are bad at saving. With that being said, here are some tips for saving money.

Your Car

One of the biggest expenses in an adult life is the vehicle they drive. From the vehicle itself to insurance, there are lots of expensive factors about driving a car. So, how can you save on it? First of all, when shopping for a car you should opt for a used car over a brand-new one. As soon as someone drives a car, it loses its value. This means that a car could function as if it was brand new, but because it is technically used, it loses value. This is why buying a used car can save you plenty, without losing out on quality. A great way to purchase vehicles that can help you save money is to search for used cars in Essex.

Save in Percentages

A great tip for saving regularly is to be disciplined and save in percentages. This is a truly easy and effective tactic that everyone can do. You start off by looking at your wage. You can do this either weekly or monthly, depending on how often you get paid. First, take away all of the regular necessities in your life. This being the likes of your rent, insurance, and average grocery shop. Then with your remaining wage, you can start saving in percentages. You may want to save 50%, use 25% on leisure, and 25% on productive elements such as the gym or home improvement. This is more effective than saving a lump sum every week, as your wage or necessary costs may differ and you may put yourself in a difficult situation.

Go Unbranded

A mistake that a lot of people make is investing in brands. Sure, some of the time, respected brands offer better quality and products. However, if you can identify which items you can go unbranded on, you will save a lot of money. This could be the likes of your bottled water, toilet paper, or even clothing.


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