6 Types of Equipment That Are Frequently Used in Mining


The mining industry is one of the world’s biggest. This is highly specialized work that is carried out by professionals with extensive experience and training.

The work done by today’s mining professionals is responsible for the extraction of many precious minerals. Among these precious minerals are copper, iron, lithium, and gold. Mining professionals also extract materials that are essential to today’s major construction projects. This includes materials such as limestone, and sand, among many others.

To successfully extract these valuable materials and minerals from the earth, mining professionals use a wide variety of different types of equipment. A specialized field such as mining requires many different pieces of specialized equipment. With this said, these are six of the most important equipment types that are used in mining.

Large Mining Trucks

The large trucks used in mining are among the most essential pieces of equipment within the industry. These trucks play the key role of moving materials around the site of the mining. The types of large trucks that are used in today’s mining industry are capable of hauling the large payloads that are generated from a major mining operation. It is a common sight to see these trucks carrying payloads that exceed 400 tons. They are also highly useful for hauling materials up slopes with steep inclines.


Another one of the most common and essential types of mining equipment used in today’s industry is dozers. For a mining operation, large dozers are essential. They help in the building of mine sites as well as helping mining operators to rip out plant material that is in the ground. Dozers are also used to reclaim mining site land. These are just a few of the essential functions performed by the large dozers that are used in today’s mining industry.

Excavator Attachments

There is a wide variety of excavator attachments and earth moving accessories that are essential for the work done in the mining industry. These attachments include excavator stick rakes, excavator buckets, and trench buckets, among many others. This type of equipment is essential for the digging of trenches and for moving around bulk materials. There is an extensive array of different roles played by the various excavator attachments used by today’s mining professionals.

Mining Drills

A fourth type of equipment that is essential for today’s mining operations is the various drills that are used. This is one of the most common pieces of equipment that can be seen on a mining site and one of the most important. They are of particular importance in underground mining work. These tools are essential for the extraction of minerals that are located far beneath the earth. Mining professionals use them to effectively extract a variety of valuable materials.

Tools for Blasting

To extract valuable materials from the earth, it is often necessary to engage in blasting. Blasting tools are common at many mining sites and they play an essential role. These tools are utilized as a way to cause fractures so that the desired materials can be extracted. The mining professionals who utilize these tools make careful calculations to ensure that they use the right amount of explosives to safely free the materials that are being extracted.

Conveying Equipment

Conveying machines are another piece of equipment that helps to make today’s mining industry run efficiently. Conveying equipment is often used as a way to effectively move and feed material into a crusher. It is a common sight at a mining operation to see conveying and feeding equipment used together as an effective way to control the amount of material that is flowing into a crusher.

These are six of the most commonly used types of equipment in today’s mining industry. Mining is a field that has many different elements to it. There are a lot of different and highly specialized jobs that must be done to effectively extract materials from the earth. Having the right equipment available is what makes it possible for today’s mining professionals to successfully extract these important materials.

These professionals combine their extensive knowledge and experience in mining with the effective use of specialized equipment to extract some of the most valuable commodities in the world.


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