How to Fix a Failing Business with Surprising Ease with PRINCE2

How to Fix a Failing Business with Surprising Ease with PRINCE2

Any business can run into problems from time to time, leading to falling revenue or rising costs putting it in serious danger of going under. Thankfully, there are some fairly simple steps you can take to improve things going forward.

Take a Fresh Look at the Market and the Competition

Have you failed to keep an eye on the changing market conditions? If you aren’t careful, this is something that can change rapidly without you even noticing. We live in a fast-moving world where the likes of the blockchain, cloud computing and mobile technology have all made a huge impact in recent times.

In terms of the competition, are they doing something that you aren’t? You might find that they have started to use a new type of process, they have outsourced to a remote team or have found some other way of working more smartly that you aren’t yet using.

Speak to Your Clients

There is also a good chance that your clients know where you are going wrong. If they can see a problem with what you are doing, you can start to do something about it. Carrying out a client satisfaction survey is a way of letting them contribute by making their voice heard.

What about your potential clients? If you have a list of leads that you are unable to convert into paying customers, there might be a particular issue that is holding them back. Speak to them and ask them if there is something that they want to see that you don’t currently provide. You might be surprised at their answers and it will give them a greater degree of confidence in your communication ability.

Choose the Right Project

Many of the issues that business run into can be solved by choosing a good project that makes your processes or systems better. The key is in finding the exact area that needs fixed and then in carrying it out well. If you do this, a project can bring huge rewards with very little fuss.

The first step is in building a project team who are comfortable with the processes needed to do this from start to finish. Getting PRINCE2 Course training for key members of staff is a good idea, as this is a fast, focussed way of running projects that can bring you benefits in very little time. This will also mean that you have a project team ready to deal with any future challenges.

Reduce Your Costs or Spend More Wisely

The most deceptively simple way of fixing a business that is going downhill is by reducing costs. In some cases, that can be as simple as holding a meeting to look through any quick methods of spending less money. This could be by buying your supplies in bulk, using less paper, working remotely or any one of a number of other methods that can be implemented quickly.

Another idea is to look at it the other way and spend more money. This could be to provide more tempting sales incentives to staff or to hire a few high-quality new team members that you believe will lift you up to the next level. If you are going to spend more money to try and find the right solution, it has to be done wisely. It isn’t just a question of throwing money at it.


There isn’t a single way of fixing every type of failing business, as it all depends upon the specific issues affecting it. However, the results from these methods should be positive and also fairly easy to see in little time.


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