Successful Email Marketing for Small Businesses: 7 Tricks to Learn

In these challenging times, email marketing service seems to be an affordable option in a marketing strategy that can increase overall small businesses‘ ROI. Despite the growing variety of social sites and channels, email can be useful if appropriately implemented. Marketers make sure to outreach your brand and build a rapport with most of your readers, thus making the most of your marketing channel.


To make email one of your best marketing strategies, you need to get your hands on some tricks and tips for implementing them correctly. Here are seven tricks that can help you with email marketing –

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Organize and Segment your email lists

For a successful email marketing strategy organizing and segmenting your email lists is of prime importance. This tactic can help you cater to each of the plans effectively and convert your readers into your loyal consumers. There are countless ways to leverage email in representing your brand, and many email marketing companies recommend and offer several educational based content and tips to attract and retain customers.

As a small business employer, after your projects grow, you need to start segmenting them in different groups such as –

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Industry they work
  • Specific downloaders
  • Purchase history
  • Paying customers
  • Subscription date
  • Contacts’ position
  • Geo-location

Once they are segmented, it is easy for you to target your market and drive results. Creating different content for each segment that has something in common can allow you to send emails in a group. Such practices of email list management drive ROI if the filters are correctly applied.

Personalize Your Emails

Email personalization can have a significant impact on your email recipient. While it is getting difficult to get a person’s attention in today’s fast-paced life, personalizing the emails can increase the click-through rates and make your business emails inviting. No customer wants to feel like they’re unknown, so creating personalized and relevant content can increase your email marketing response rates.

Subscribers get the value they’re looking for, and with personalization, they feel that you care about their interests, needs, and wants. Make your email marketing channel useful by adding your contact’s first name, location, birthday, position, etc., and approach them with fully personalized emails.

Keep Emails Concise and Direct

To keep producing high-quality content for emails, you need to research your consumers and plan an effective email strategy as an entrepreneur. Firstly, your emails should be short and concise with mentioning all the brief points you want to convey. Break your long prose into short sentences and keep a direct approach to messaging. Always try to say bullet points’ features to help your subscriber read and interpret only those critical points.

The fewer you write, the higher it will generate sales, so make sure to prepare your emails in a digestible form to grab your customer’s attention, so they read your next one too.

Include easy signup or subscription option

To leverage email marketing, you need to keep your signup and subscription process relatively simple. Your email’s primary purpose is to prompt the reader to perform some action by clicking on some awesome subscribe buttons. Make the signup process as easy as possible for your users and start growing your mailing list. Find inspiration from web forms that stand out and motivate your email recipients to leave their contact information.

Keep Testing to See What Works Best

Identifying how your email campaigns are reaching out and which of the emails the readers prefer to subscribe to, for this reason, it is good to implement A/B testing. Testing measures the engagement for two different content and ensures to send the best performing one to your subscribers. It tremendously affects your open rate, thereby generating higher ROI for your small business.

Be Smart and irresistible With the Subject Line.

To grab the attention of your future consumers, you need to craft the subject line of your email in such a manner that your reader cannot resist opening and read it. Be specific about the message and to the point to encourage people to sign up for your email list. To give your email the best chance of being opened, instead of hours designing an email banner, make sure an attention-grabbing subject line defines your email.

Track and Analyse Engagement

As you can see, to run any small business successfully, you need to keep track and evaluate the performance of your email marketing. This monitoring will typically ensure you send the right amount of information to intended recipients and caution you not to send emails to people who have not opened your emails for a long duration. It also showcases the individual elements that yield results and guides you to improve in your next campaign.


With all the above content, we see how email marketing is a simple and effective platform that can help small businesses build their network and interact with new consumers. It will increase in the future, and corporations will think twice to spend hundreds on designs and shiny new tools as they see a window of opportunity in email marketing that is sure to scale upwards. Now is the time to make the right tweaks and optimize your business with email marketing and generate momentum in sales.

Author Bio

Chris Donald is the Director of InboxArmy, a full-service email marketing agency that specializes in providing email marketing services from production to deployment. He has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs and government bodies in all facets of their email marketing services and email campaign management programs since almost 2 decades. Chris’s success track record covers building email programs at competitive email marketing pricing and using data-driven strategies to turn around underperforming accounts.


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