Introducing the Waterjet to the Foam Industry

Introducing the Waterjet to the Foam Industry

Whether you’re a sculptor or responsible for creating 3D prototypes, foam is just about as versatile as it gets.

From aerospace models or agriculture replicas, foam can be used to create just about anything.

Waterjet cutting has become the most common way to cut foam for manufacturers and large industries because there are many advantages.

If you’re looking for a precise and efficient way to create 3D models from foam, here are 4 reasons you should invest in waterjet cutting.

1.     High speed offers high-speed motion waterjet cutters. In the foam manufacturing world, margins are generally pretty slim, so you want to be able to find a way to cut large volumes in a small amount of time. Waterjet cutters can quickly accelerate between cuts so that you can increase the speed of the production process. That means higher profit margins and happier customers.

2.     No abrasive needed

Unlike with cutting glass and other materials, waterjet cutting requires no additional abrasive when cutting through the foam. As it’s a soft material, you’ll only need water to cut through it. Without the need for chemicals, abrasives, and other consumables, you’ll be saving money on operational costs, too.

3.    Cut multiple layers at once

Another benefit of cutting foam with a waterjet machine is that you can actually cut multiple layers or pieces at the same time. These cutters have the ability to cut through hugely thick metals, so the foam will be no issue. Stack your foam on top of itself and get cutting. This could essentially cut your manufacturing time in half.

4.     No distortion

If you’re making to-scale foam replicas for your business, accuracy is essential. Foam is already a tricky material to cut straight, and it can easily become damaged or deformed. Instead, waterjets cut through the foam with total precision without adding downward pressure onto the material – meaning there’s very little risk of distortion. These machines also use cold water, so there is no risk of heat burning or singeing the foam, either.

Waterjets have been used to create incredible foam projects, big and small. You can create precise and speedy cuts that can do wonders for your business by tailoring your machine to a foam-cutting application.

What’s more, these machines are actually more environmentally friendly than alternatives like laser and plasma. As the process only uses water and very little heat, there’s no need for chemicals. Without chemicals, there are no fumes or hazardous waste to handle. All of this puts you in good stead for being more sustainable – something that consumers are constantly on the lookout for.

When using other materials, like plastic or glass, waterjet cutters also come with a CNC router to help you with further fabrication.

So, these 4 key reasons to use waterjets with foam should be enough to sway your decision. With no risk of distortion, the ability to stack layers on top of each other and still gain a quick and precise cut, there’s really no reason not to invest in a waterjet cutter for your foam business.


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