Why brands should consider Digital Out-of-Home advertising for their post-COVID marketing strategy.

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Technology has undoubtedly assisted us throughout the Covid crisis and will continue to serve us moving forward.

Over the past year and half, the ability to adapt to new ways of living has been crucial for our stability and sanity. For many companies, their very survival relied upon their capacity to be flexible. Although the British economy is growing at its fastest pace in 80 years and there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel, businesses are optimistic but still very cautious. Brands have to re-think their marketing approach and although the current lifting of restrictions brings about new opportunities, flexibility will continue to play a vital role in future decision-making.

Tradition meets the modern age.

With the first billboard going up in 1867, we could say that Out-of-Home advertising has been a popular marketing choice for a very long time. It has maintained its popularity due its’ “unavoidable” presence, increased brand awareness, and trust, all of which results in increased profits.

If we merge this traditional method with digital advertising, we are left with a future-proof medium which gives brands a competitive edge in the post-COVID world. Faded, peeling and indecipherable posters are a thing of the past and vivid, programmable, digital screens look to be the future of outdoor advertising. And with the current fast-changing and rocky state of the world, the digital format provides the much needed flexibility, accessibility and speed to make necessary changes to campaign messages.

Digital Readiness.

For some, isolation may have meant the first time using ‘Facetime’ and for others it may have meant feeling less awkward interacting with voice-controlled smart speakers such as Amazon’s Echo Dot. Now, Granny may not have become an overnight digital-whiz but the COVID era has certainly ushered in new behaviours in relation to how we view and connect with technology.

We have become more accepting and more accustomed to the digital world and this means, as society emerges from its cocoon and steps into this new world, we will be more willing and able to interact with technology. DOOH advertising offers interactive / touchscreen displays which creates a more engaging and immersive experience for a potential customer. Pre-COVID this could have been somewhat intimidating. Post-COVID? Most likely, intriguing.

Working with the tide.

Brands can now take full advantage of the current easing of restrictions, the bounce back in consumer spending and the masses having been catapulted into digital readiness. Now more than ever, businesses have the potential to benefit greatly from DOOH advertising. DOOH delivers large Reach, builds trust and loyalty, engages consumers and thus drives action. Above all, DOOH advertising offers the adaptability that has proven essential in these uncertain times. A new world means new ways of doing things and adaptability is key.

If you need support conquering such a sought-after digital art, there’s help out there. Nobody said that mastering DOOH would be easy, but almost everyone says that it’ll be worth it. If your business isn’t already doing it, you can bet that your competitor is.

In the wise words of Bruce Lee – “Be like water”.


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