How to create an influencer marketing campaign for a mobile app

influencer marketing campaign for a mobile app

Mobile app developers don’t have it easy. There are thousands of apps available in app stores in every possible category. The market is so saturated that it can be hard to stand out.

That’s why many mobile app companies choose influencer marketing. If used correctly, it can help you bring your app into the spotlight, attract more users, increase the number of downloads… or anything else.

Here are four practical tips on promoting your mobile app with content creators on social media.

Decide what success means for your mobile app

Whether you are partnering with influencers or relying on your internal resources only, your planning process should start with a clear destination. What do you want to achieve? Is it about the number of downloads, impressions on stores, in-app purchases, or something else? You need to set a reasonable and trackable KPI to measure and course-correct your campaign.

Understand your audience and what they like about your mobile app

Once you’ve identified the goal, it’s time to understand your user base. Ideally, you want to go deeper than creating buyer personas. For a successful campaign, you should know where your users spend time online, what type of media they prefer, how they interact with this content, and so on.

Shortlist influencers that meet your criteria

Understanding your audience is key to success and finding the right influencers. For example, HypeFacotry, a leading marketing agency that works with influencers all over the world, uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze influencers based on the quality and relevance of their followership.

If you’re manually searching for influencers, don’t focus on vanity metrics. It’s not about the number of followers they have or whether they are popular among other mobile app creators and publishers. Find influencers that have a deep connection with your audience and good engagement rates.

Partner with an experienced marketing agency

You don’t have to be alone on this journey. While working with creators is very popular right now, it’s also a complex and multi-step process. Many mobile app companies choose to partner with agencies and outsource influencers to them.

Make sure that you find an agency that has launched successful campaigns in your industry and understands what you need. For example, HypeFactory is one of the go-to agencies for tech companies, including mobile apps and game developers.

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