What Does FIFTY Means in Communication?

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FTFY is one of the most trending acronyms online which are hard to guess in terms of its exact meaning and the fact that it isn’t that as famous as the other acronyms makes it further confusing to understand. However you do not need to worry if you are reading this page because this article will guide you all about FTFY Meaning in addition to its appropriate uses.

The exact FTFY Meaning

FTFY is the acronym for “Fixed That For You”. Does this make sense now for you? Hence if you want to tell someone that you have made adjustments to something online to make it look good then you can simply type in FTFY and hope that they understand what the acronym refers to.


How can you use FTFY?

FTFY can be used in multiple contexts and ways. The first way is to use it when there is a technical issue and you have successfully gotten rid of it so you can simply tell the other person “FTFY”. You can also use this term to inform someone if you have fixed anything for them in this case you can simply send them a message saying FTFY so that the other person knows that a particular task has been fixed or completed.

Some of the Examples of using FTFY!

Example 1

Friend 1: “The file you sent isn’t opening.”

Friend 2: “FTFY. Emailed you in PDF now”

In the situation above the Friend 1 is referring to a technical issue in some file that Friend 2 sent hence the Friend #2 has fixed the file by changing its format and then emailed Friend 1 again. Friend 2 used the term FTFY in the beginning of the reply to save time and make things convenient and also conveyed the message that the issue has been fixed.

Example 2

Friend 1: “Behind every happening there is a reason!”

Friend 2: “Everything happens totally randomly! FTFY”

In the second situation above you can observe that the term FTFY is used as a joke in a conversation between two friends when Friend 2 added something to the sentence Friend 1 said and simply told Friend 1 that what they said has been “fixed”. So FTFY can easily be used when having a witty, funny conversation with a friend, partner or any family member.

Example 3

Friend 1: “Sorry I couldn’t come their yesterday.”

Friend 2: “*there. FTFY”

In the third example above, you can see that FTFY has been used to convey to the other person that their grammatical error has been corrected. One of the most famous online ways to tell someone the correct spelling or while correcting their typo is to place an asterisk before the correct spelling or before any grammatical correction but of course you can put the term FTFY in the correction to sound even more snobbish. So you can also use FTFY to pull anyone’s leg.

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