The Main Business Tech Trends In 2021


Wondering what the latest tech trends shaping the business world are? There are always different tech trends that emerge based on technological developments, global events (such as the pandemic), and changing consumer habits and expectations, so what are the main trends shaping 2021? Obviously, this is a year quite unlike any other, and it is fascinating to see how technology is playing a major role in helping to start the recovery from the pandemic and helping people to stay safe. Read on to discover a few of the main tech trends shaping the business world right now and how they can help your business.


Fintech has been on the rise for many years, but since the pandemic, it has been thrust into the mainstream and has helped business and life to carry on (somewhat) as normal. Cash has effectively been rendered useless, while contactless payments, ordering on apps, digital banking, and even cryptocurrency have been major trends this year and will play a major role in the COVID recovery.

Remote/Hybrid Work

The pandemic led to an enormous experiment with remote work, which many businesses have found to be a success. Life is slowly returning to normal, but many notable organizations are continuing with remote work due to the many benefits it can bring to both staff and employees. This has also led to a sharp rise in remote hires, which allows businesses access to a greater talent pool and job applicants to find work no matter where they are located. There are also many that are adopting a hybrid model, which will involve staff splitting their time between the office and working from home.

IT Support Services

With so much changing as a result of COVID-19, many companies have found that they have had to make big changes to their technology and IT infrastructure. On top of this, cybercrime has become a major issue with so many people working remotely. Unsurprisingly, this has seen many organizations turn to IT support services from companies like XBASE Technologies. IT support services can help businesses to change their IT systems, implement new technologies, migrate to the cloud, protect corporate data, prepare for disasters, and much more.

AI & Automation

AI and automation have also become much more prevalent during COVID-19 and accelerated their usage. AI can help businesses in many different ways, including data analytics, forecasting, improving marketing, and much more. Many businesses are also automating as much of their business as possible, which can be helpful to deal with staff shortages, to free up more time, or to scale the business, amongst many other benefits.

Influencer Marketing

These days, people are spending even more time on social media, and this has led to influencer marketing becoming an even bigger trend. Consumers will now look to influencers for recommendations and advice when it comes to all kinds of different purchases, which can help businesses to attract many more customers, improve their reputation and reach an entirely new audience.

Currently, these are the main tech trends that are shaping 2021 and trends that could help your business in this unique and challenging year.


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