Why Should I Work in the Supply Chain Field?


You might be considering getting a supply chain graduate certificate. If so, you could be getting yourself ready to work in a very exciting field. When you tell your friends and family that you are thinking of doing this, they may ask you why. It’s not that they are being mean – they might not understand what the job is and what you can do with it.

Here are some of the reasons you could give why you should work in the supply chain field:

I Can Pick What Industry I Work In

The supply chain is integral to every industry  – so if you have a particular passion, like tech, then you could help people get the items that they want when they need them. You will not be hurting for choices.

There Are a Lot of Diverse Roles to Choose From

Speaking of choices, there are many different roles. You could work in procurement, in a warehouse, in various places as an industry management specialist, for deliveries, or figure out ways to make the entire chain move along at optimal speed.

There Won’t Be Any Monotony

One thing that people dread about work is doing the same job over and over. They come in, do a chore over and over and then go home. That won’t be the case with you. There are new challenges that present themselves each day.

More and More Businesses Are Looking For Supply Chain Professionals

The supply chain is growing from just being between high-income countries to including middle-income ones. That means that more things need to be shipped from country to country. The demand for people who can work in the supply chain industry is growing yearly. They want people who are skilled at this … and having a graduate certificate can move you to the front of the line.

You Will Get a Sense of Achievement

There are some jobs where you are uncertain if what you did make any impact. Yes, you might have filled out all the boxes on the spreadsheet, but there is no sense of truly completing anything. Except that you will see an email with more work the next day. That hardly fills you with a sense of pride.

On the other hand, if you work for a major electronics company and you see people walking around using it, you will know that it came about from your work helping it move along the supply chain. You did a good job and it shows.

You Can Develop Soft Skills and Improve Career Opportunities

You won’t be bogged down by doing repetitive work. Instead, you’ll be able to expand your set of skills. As the months go by, then you will show management what you can do and possibly have them put you on a short list when it comes to promotions or if a recruiter from another field contacts.

These Are Usually Jobs That Pay Well

Typically, you can expect to possibly make around $60,000 when you start a job in management for the supply chain industry. That is a great starting off point and you could make more as time goes on. As far as starting salaries go, they compare favorably to many other fields. You will be able to support yourself with this.

These are great reasons to tell people about working in this industry. But they are not the ones who ultimately need convincing. It’s you. Are these tempting enough to get you to get your certificate or would you want to look in another direction when it comes to finding a job? You are the one who is going to be doing the work, after all. But you could find yourself primed to enter a growing field that looks to be hiring people as we move further and further into the 2020s and beyond.


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