5 Best Heated Insoles Reviews


The 5 Best Heated Insoles of 2020 to keep your feet warm and operational in winters

Ever had a lush green garden or backyard in your home that you use for your daily mile walk? Then you would know how important it is to maintain this routine even during the extreme freezing weathers. However what is more important is to keep your feet nice and warm when you step out for which heated insoles are an ideal solution. The heated insoles are widely now available in the market with tons of options to choose from however we have compiled the top 5 for you below along with their reviews.

The 5 Best Heated Insoles 2020: Types & Reviews

1.      Paul Hamilton Heated Insoles: Remote Control Operated

Paul Hamilton Heated Insoles are an ideal choice if you wish to keep your feet nice and warm all day during the winters. These heated insoles save you from the hassle of integrated wires inside or having to deal with power batteries because these are operated through a remote. The lights constructed will show the amount of charge available while the lithium ion battery can last up to a good 4 hours and the heat temperature you customize. The battery is highly durable as well. Moreover, these heated insoles are lined with polyurethane foam making it breathable and highly comfortable to wear all day. In fact you can even adjust the insoles to your show size. Besides there are 3 customizable temperature levels that you can adjust however on low temperatures the battery will last the longest. As far as the cost is concerned, they are comparatively budget friendly, operated by a remote control and are a complete package for anyone who is dreading the cold weather. So even if you have an outdoor job or are into winter sports Paul Hamilton will keep you warm. The Benefits
  • Budget Friendly
  • Remote Control Operated
  • 3 Adjustable Temperature Levels
  • Long Lasting Lithium Ion Battery
  • The Battery can be charged 500 times
  • Can be customized to your size
  • USB Charging Available
The Drawbacks
  • Low dexterity because they are thick
  • Configuring the remote can be tricky
  • Only the exterior surface can be washed

2.      Thermup Heated Insoles: The Affordable Choice

The Thermrup heated insoles are an ideal choice if you are in search for a budget friendly option for your feet frostbite. These heated insoles will keep your feet warm all day through its unique rubber heating element integrated inside. The insoles contain 4 temperature levels for heat adjustment, simply choose the temperature where you feet feel most comfortable at. They are operated by batteries which are constructed inside and clipped with gaiters towards the ankles. You can even buy additional batteries to prolong their life. The best features about Thermup is that you can both machine and hand wash them, since its rubber heating element will not be affected making them water resistant. Since Thermup is not operated by a remote hence the cost is really low compared to the other options in the market. It has an easy to navigate control unit attached with the insole that you can configure in seconds. The Benefits
  • Highly Budget Friendly.
  • 4 temperature levels to adjust from.
  • Can be hand and machine washed.
  • Water resistant.
  • High durability.
  • Additional batteries can be attached to increase the life.
The Drawbacks
  • Not operated by a remote.
  • Low dexterity, can affect movement of the feet.
  • Ankle strap batteries.

3.      Jinpei: Footwear Insert Heated Insoles

The advancements in technology have now made it possible to insert your personal heater in your footwear in form of heated insoles. For this, the Jinpei heated insoles are a perfect choice that generate heat through the energy driven from batteries and can be easily operated using a remote. These heated insoles have a velvet based exterior, with an in built heating element constructed from carbon fiber for durability. These insoles can even bear weights up to 200 kilograms. Their batteries are long lasting which can live up to 7 hours after charging according to the levels of temperatures selected. It has 3 customizable temperature settings and in fact the lowest is enough to keep your feet nice and warm. Jinpei is one of those heated insoles that have the widest range of size in between 5 and 12 and you can trim it further to perfectly fit your shoe size. What more could one ask for? Buy these heated insoles now and make your winter activities a tad bit comfortable. The Benefits
  • Operated by Remote control.
  • Comfortable velvet exterior.
  • Can withstand weight of up to 200 kilograms.
  • Battery can last up to 7 hours long.
  • Wide range of sizes to choose from.
  • Affordable price.
  • Durable battery.
  • Four temperature levels available.
The Drawbacks
  • It has an inbuilt battery hence cannot be replaced.

4.      Winna: Skiing Heated Insoles

If you want an easy solution for your cold feet simply slip some Winna Heated Insoles into your ski boots or any other footwear and spend your winters comfortably. You can easily transfer these heated insoles from one shoe to any other pair. So maintain your style and never experience the pain of cold feet again. These heated insoles can easily warm your feet for 6 hours according to the temperature level you customize, which are three and at times the lowest setting is in fact sufficient for the warmth required. They take up to 4 hours to recharge however but come with a year long warranty period. Moreover, you can customize the insole sizes to your shoe size by trimming the. Winna’s exterior comprises of velvet which retains the heat while the batteries are protected in a strong steel covering. You can change your footwear daily according to your outfit and simply transfer your Winna heated insoles from one to another. The Benefits
  • 3 level temperature settings.
  • Can provide 6 hour long heating effect.
  • Can be customized to your foot size.
  • Batteries are protected inside a steel casing.
  • 1 year certified warrant.
  • USB Charging option available.
The Drawbacks
  • Not budget friendly.
  • Since batteries are encased they cannot be replaced.

5.      Dr Warm Heated Insoles: The Comfortable Foot Warmers

If you are apprehensive about buying heated insoles and want to try a relatively cheaper option first then Dr Warm will keep your feet warm at low budget. These heated insoles are constructed from carbon fiber and polyurethane foam which makes it breathable while allows heat conduction from the heating element. They also retain their shape and have three temperature levels to choose from whereas the heating effect can last up to 9 hours. They take only 4 hours to charge. One major inconvenience you may have to face with these is that batteries are tied to the ankles but the upside is that the batteries can be changed easily if you wish to switch your footwear during the day. In fact Dr Warm is even providing a 90 days money back guarantee so you can give these a try for a few days and if you do not settle get your full refund. The Benefits
  • These heated insoles are unisex and can be customized to your shoes size.
  • They take only 4 hours to charge.
  • The heating effect can last to a good 9 hours.
  • Offers a unique 90 day money refund guarantee.
  • Constructed using carbon fiber and Polyurethane foam.
  • Provides shock absorbency.
  • Budget friendly.
The Drawbacks
  • The batteries need to be attached to the ankles.
  • The heating element must be close to the toes.
  • The battery cannot be replaced.

The Final Verdict

Cold feet can be deadly in the winters especially if you have outdoor work and activities however heated insoles are the ultimate fix to this problem. Even though there are multiple options available in the market but following pointers you should keep in mind before opting for a brand or type:
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Easy control navigation.
  • Provides ample amount of foot coverage.
  • Battery Replacement Option.
  • Warming Time and Charging Time should be short.


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