Debunking 6 Popular Myths About Pool Covers


Installing an electric pool cover helps to protect your swimming pool against pests, debris, beaming sun, and other external factors.

Not only that.

It acts as a safety barrier and lowers the risk of accidental drownings.

However, many pool owners avoid investing in pool covers just because of some myths and misconceptions.

But not all the rumors are real.

Herein, we are busting the most common myths about pool covers.

1.   Pool covers don’t help in pool maintenance

This is a big misconception many people have.

Installing a pool cover can save your pool from dead leaves, broken twigs, debris, algae, and other invaders.

This further prevents your pool from getting dirty thus playing a key role in keeping it well-maintained and cleaned.

Moreover, it helps to balance the pool chemistry, making heavy pool maintenance a breeze.

You can choose between various pool covers or consult pool enclosure companies for more solutions.

2.   Pool covers are not required in summers

Yes, summers offer the best opportunity to enjoy a refreshing dip in your swimming pool.

You may not feel the need to install a pool cover since you are frequently using your pool.

However, when no one is using it or you’re on a long vacation, covering your pool with a pool cover is recommended.

Some benefits are:

  • Lowers chemical usage
  • Retains heat in the pool
  • Slow down the evaporation rate
  • Blocks sun rays
  • Keeps your pool in tip-top condition

3.   You don’t need a pool cover with a heated pool

Many people find it useless to use a pool cover if they already have a heated pool.

This is totally wrong.

In fact, the reality is if you don’t cover your pool, more than one-third of the heat can go wasted and it may actually cost you much more money in the long run.

And if you are using devices like pool heat pumps, it can cost you a fortune.

Some benefits of getting a pool cover for your heated pool.

  • Traps the pool heat
  • Saves money on electricity bills
  • Reduces water evaporation
  • Makes your pool chemicals work more efficiently
  • Prevents algae growth

4.   Poor covers need adequate care

Many people avoid buying pool cover just because they think that it requires adequate care and protection.

But that’s not true.

Maintaining your pool cover is far easier than maintaining your car, pool, or house.

However, follow some basic tips to ensure the longevity of your pool cover:

  • Regularly remove twigs and dead leaves
  • Check for holes
  • Use pool cover roller
  • Avoid leaving pool cover rolled up in the sun
  • Store pool cover in a dry place

5.   Pool covers look ugly

Many people find pool covers unappealing and feel that they can make outdoor space look dull and uninviting.

But that’s not true.

There are a variety of pool covers that can add a splash of beauty to your outdoors and give the place a whole new look.

6.   Pool covers are expensive

Many people put pool covers in the category of overpriced.

However, this is wrong.

A pool cover is worth every single penny. The benefits outweigh the cost. There are a plethora of money-saving reasons to invest in a pool cover. This includes:

  • Maintains pool chemistry
  • Keeps debris out of the pool
  • Lowers pool maintenance expenses
  • Reduces water loss
  • Regulate temperatures during colder temperature

In the end…

Hopefully, most of your myths are debunked. The pool cover is really a worthy investment.

From protecting the swimming pool to keeping your loved ones safe, it offers a host of benefits.

Have a safe swimming season.


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