How to maintain staff morale while working remotely


Recently, everything has been turned upside down for us.

Our work lives, our hobbies, even our home lives have been greatly affected by the current global crisis. Many people are considerably more stressed than they have been before, and the relationship between employer and employee has grown a bit strained.

So, how do you stop work from becoming a huge problem in your employees’ personal lives? How could you take the weight off of their shoulders, help them make their work lives better, and boost morale (and as a consequence, the work output) of your employees?

There are many ways, but here are some of the Best.

#1 Hold regular and consistent group meetings

These help keep a structure to your working week. Hold one daily to keep your employees in contact, and help them escape from their bubble for a little while. It will also be a good opportunity for them to see friends from work and keep discussions flowing.

#2 Help employees separate their home and work lives

Not only does this up concentration levels for your hard-working employees, but it also helps them relax when they need to. Encourage them to take regular breaks and keep their workspaces separate from their relaxation and leisure areas. Getting them mixed could mean that they get distracted easily, slowing down work and bringing stress to the rest of the team.

#3 Regularly get feedback from individuals

Do this through surveys and questionnaires to keep your individual employee’s needs met. You can do this through employee survey software to help you manage their wellbeing and happiness with their work, also to find out if they are having any problems at home confidentially, without the rest of your employees knowing.

#4 Create a support network for those that have problems at home

It’s always good to help your employees through thick and thin, to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. If their home life is not a safe space for them to work well, it is your responsibility as an employer to help them through this trying time. Not everyone can enjoy working from home, and depending on the employee, this may mean creating a support network.

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#5 Don’t let your employees overwork

It’s difficult to stick to work timings when you’re not in the office or in your usual work environment. Set meetings to mark the end of work time, to help your employees transition healthily from work to home life, and congratulate them on their hard work. This can be a good way to tie up someone’s workday and act as a reminder to wrap up work and get it ready for the next day.

These are just some of the ways you can improve your employees’ work ethic and enjoyment, as well as helping their morale.

You’ll find that if they are happy at work and at home, they will be working faster and to a higher quality. Remember- happy employees means a successful business.


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