Are There Any Benefits of Working with a Google Partner?

Google Partner

Google ads work, but they are not the cheapest digital marketing strategy. So while you need expert help, it pays to collaborate with those with proven Google knowledge and expertise.

This post lists the five biggest benefits of working with a Google partner.

5 Reasons Google Partner Agencies Are the Best for Paid Ads

Google Ads remains one of the most sought-after platforms for paid advertising. It is user-friendly, cost-effective, and excellent for scalability.

It is also tricky. Algorithms change regularly, new rules pop up, and competition is tough. To win, you need an expert, particularly a Google Partner company.

Here are five reasons why.

1. They Have Specialized Expertise to Do the Job Right

See that Google Partner logo displayed on agency websites? They have earned it with blood, sweat, and tears.

Getting into the program and keeping your status is difficult. A Google Partner has to meet stringent requirements based on three factors:

  • Performance: The registered manager account should have an optimization score of at least 70%. In other words, the ad specialist has more control over accepting, rejecting, and modifying ad recommendations.
  • Spend: The agency should maintain at least $10,000 ad spend for 90 days across all managed accounts.
  • Certifications: About half of Google Ads specialists should be certified, holding at least one certification for every product area, including search, apps, display, and shopping. Further, the campaign budget for these categories must be $500 or more every 90 days.

Plus, if an agency wants to be a Premier Partner, it should rank among the top 3% of Google Partners where they operate. This is on top of other criteria that include:

  • Ability to grow and sustain client growth based on their year-over-year performance
  • Demonstrated investment in various product mixes, according to spending percentages in shopping, videos, apps, and display per calendar year.

According to Digital Authority Partners (DAP), hiring a Google Partner agency is like having the best contractors build your home. This analogy is spot-on, considering the caliber of skill these professionals must possess.

2. They Possess the Knowledge and Tools to Launch Results-Driven Ads

Google Ads is a versatile platform that allows businesses to tailor their campaigns and ad strategies. But all these options require extensive technical know-how and the experience to make informed decisions.

Google Partners win against the competition for the following reasons:

  • They have access to features not available to other ad consultants. These include beta testing for new products and certifications. These tools help them create, launch, and track ads that align with Google policies and best practices.
  • The team receives customer and technical support from Google. Unlike their rivals, Google Partners has a direct line to the tech giant, making it easier for them to troubleshoot problems and get help.
  • The agency receives consumer and industry insights. From Google data to marketing trends, Partners can receive reports and studies not available to the public. The pieces of information surely come in handy when crafting personalized copies.
  • They can publish highly regulated ads. The search engine has several limitations when creating and displaying sensitive copies, particularly healthcare-related. One of these is only Google-certified businesses can run medical ads in the United States.

3. They Help Maximize Ad Spend Effectively

Google Ads is not just about producing ads but also managing the budget. An experienced team can help a business get more bang for its buck.

These professionals know various ad spending options like the back of their hands. Whether you want the cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPI), or cost per view (CPV), they can help you tweak your campaign to ensure it meets your financial goals.

That is not all:

  • Google Partners understand the value of ad extensions, scheduling, and targeting. These features affect the performance of a campaign significantly. They know when to use them and how to adjust their settings for better returns.
  • The agencies receive deals and offers, which they can pass on to their clients. Google runs promotional campaigns that provide discounts for specific products or services. Professional partners get an exclusive invitation to join these programs, allowing their clients to grab the best deals.
  • They also know how to use custom audiences and remarketing lists effectively. Through segmentation and targeting, businesses can reach out to a more specific audience with tailored messages.

4. They Provide Comprehensive, Accurate Reports

How do you know that your ads are performing well? You track the metrics, measure the results, and identify gaps, missed opportunities, and wins.

Because Google Partners can do all three of these things:

  • Google Ads regularly updates its dashboards. For example, teams can now use the Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners to gather real-time YouTube data. The Partners can then share the information with other publishers, advertisers, and marketers.
  • Google Partners understand the numbers and how they connect. They can provide detailed reports that cover all the necessary aspects, such as search queries, geographic locations, and device types.
  • The teams also get access to tools such as Google Looker Studio. Previously called Data Studio, this feature allows marketers to combine multiple data sources into one visualized report. The updated version incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to understand their campaign performance better.

5. They Create and Launch Brand-Centric Campaigns

The goal of every advertisement is to build a connection with the consumer. Google Partners use their insider knowledge, certified expertise, and creative ideas to make campaigns that stand out from the rest.

  • These agencies understand how people respond to copies, images, and videos. They know which features can capture the attention of a particular demographic and what elements audiences remember the most. They even have the data to prove it.
  • They carefully research the market and target audience to ensure that all messages align with their customer’s objectives. These agencies ensure that each ad copy speaks to its target audience.
  • They can segment broad audiences and display the right ads to them. This strategy ensures that people see content and get messages relevant to their interests. Because of consumer insights and real-time data, they can spot trend changes and adjust ads quickly to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Google Partners can also use creative strategies to optimize campaigns for lead generation or conversions. This process requires careful analytics analysis, testing of different ad formats, and techniques such as A/B testing to identify the most successful campaign setup.

Summing Up

A Google Partner is the ideal choice for managing your Google Ads campaigns. Their knowledge and experience will make sure that your campaigns stay in line with your business goals and reach the right people at the right time.

Get the best advertising agency for your business today. Look for the logo and ensure you are working with an expert who will get results.


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